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Phodia, Creator of aerial technologies

Located in Lower Normandy near Mont Saint-Michel, PHODIA, since 2002, develops and manufactures remote control aerial photo system and tethered balloon.
We also offer service in aerial photography and event communication using inflatable structures and inflatable balloon as support.

Our activities and services

Aerial photo systems

Phodia is the most famous manufacturers of remote control aerial photo system for tethered balloon and telescopic mast in Europe.

Our solutions for aerial photography at low altitudes are based on a pan & tilt platform on which is installed a camera or a DV.
Everything is fully controllable through the remote console (radio remote control system).

  • Aerial Pan tilt support
  • Remote console
  • Balloon & Blimps / Masts)
  • Electric winches
  • Transportation of Balloons

Inflatable advertising

Specialized in designing and selling inflatable advertising ,
we offer a range of communication tools can evolve indoor (living room and hall) and outdoor (stadium and fairgrounds).

Boost your communication and increase your sales with the following tools:

Aerial Photography Services

We are one of the most “old ” operators aerial photography by balloon .

We carry shots and aerial thermography 20 to 150 meters.

Our aerial photo service is available in all departments of France and across Europe .

Aerial Thermography Services

We offer infrared thermography services
This technology allows visualize heat loss , which can reduce your energy consumption.

The measurements are made using a thermal camera and a tethered balloon for aerial 100% environmentally friendly.