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Additional info on captives balloons


The PVCs (vinyl)

PVC balls are ideal for advertising your operations. Our balloons are made of PVC 0.14mm and 0.35mm. From a low cost, multiple shapes and colors are available. Custom shapes? contact us.

The coated nylon

Heavy but very durable, they are generally used for large balloons inside or outside.

The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)

Thermoplastics deform and are shaped by the action of heat and then keep this form by cooling. This property allows recycling: the objects are crushed and melted to develop further. Polyurethanes are used in adhesives, paints, rubber, foams, fibers … in many industries. You should know that the TPU is stronger if no coloring is to say, transparent (like condoms, for example).

Double envelopes

For regular use where the ball will be put to the test. This type of ball is ideal for aerial photography or advertising uses frequently. Very strong, thanks to their ripstop nylon shell. The inner shell is white or TPU transparent. >> Further informations about TPU (FR), click here.


To have a good end result, your file must be in vector format (. Eps or. Ai). This keeps the highest quality during the expansion of the logo to print it. The number of markings can range from 1 to 4 according to the shape of the ball.

Markings on advertising balloons

The adhesive

It allows for text or simple logos with a perfect result and a nice bright color


Allows more fancy than the adhesive. The colors are as bright.

Digital printing

It allows for all sorts of complex logos in full color. Its cost is usually less than painting. It can not be used on colored balloons. Its colors are less vivid than the adhesive or paint.

The color of the balloon

Prefer white balloons because marking will be more readable. The white is a neutral color, the customer will be able to remember what the message if the balloon is brightly colored. « I saw a red balloon …. I saw a balloon branded xyz (guess he is white) »


Helium: Further informations
Helium is a chemical element monatomic colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and virtually inert . Symbol He and atomic number 2, it initiates a series of noble gases in the periodic table. Helium is, after hydrogen, the second most abundant element in the universe and the lightest noble gas in the periodic table. In the universe today, virtually all the helium produced is the result of nuclear fusion of hydrogen in stars. Its density is equal to 0.17585 kg/m3, the air is 1.283 kg/m3. It is therefore considered that 1m3 helium raises about 1kg

Additional information on balloons

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